5 Important Points to Remember before Starting to Study in Hungary

5 Important Points to Remember before Starting to Study in Hungary

Hungary is a little, lovely nation, with a protected and benevolent climate. Despite the fact that it isn’t too known as other European nations as far as international studies, in Hungary, you can read for some top-quality Bachelor’s or Master’s certificates. A few colleges from Hungary have been recognized for their great academics and they are consistently present in driving world college rankings.

As of late, an ever-increasing number of students have chosen to study abroad in Hungary and entertain themselves with a magnificent encounter. So as a student in Hungary, you’ll presumably need to know probably the main down to earth perspectives that will assist you with changing simpler to live in any Hungarian student city.

Next, here are the main 5 must-realize realities going to endure your study experience in Hungary:

1) What’s the cash in Hungary and how costly are things?

In spite of the fact that Hungary is an individual from the European Union, by and large, you can’t utilize Euros: the official money is called Forint (Ft). Albeit in certain spots, you can at present compensation with Euro, hope to get forints back. One Euro is worth around 300 Ft.

2) Appreciate limits with the student character card

There are loads of limits offered for students in Hungary, for instance, on open vehicles, at sports scenes, or for film tickets – they will all cost practically 50% of the first prize with the student card. You can take a student personality card from your home college, or get a worldwide one (called ISIC).

3) How to utilize public vehicles in Hungary?

In Hungary, students can get a rebate of up to half of the vehicle charges. To purchase tickets for the student prize, you need to have a substantial student card with you, else, you can get fined. Tragically, there are limitations for international students, and they contrast from organization to organization.

4) Discovering accommodation in Hungary

Accommodation is one of the main things you need to arrange for when you travel to another country. Contingent upon the college, you may get accommodation in quarters or student homes, yet on the off chance that it isn’t the situation, the college can help you discover a spot to lease.

If the college has an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) segment, they can assist you with accommodation just as different issues you may have. You can check the rundown of the Hungarian areas at the official site of Erasmus Student Network.

In Szeged, there are no quarters places accessible, however, they have an office called „Foreign Students’ Secretariat” who can help you, or you can contact the nearby ESN segment also for help. The month to month convenience expenses are in the scope of 360-750 EUR.

5) Organizing your medical coverage for Hungary

While you are abroad, you should know where you can go in the event that you would require clinical assistance. As a resident of the European Union, you can demand a global social protection card (EHIC). With this card, you will get treatment under similar conditions and at a similar expense as individuals safeguarded in this nation. For more data, you should check the official site of the EHIC. The colleges have their own primary care physicians.


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