Universities in Canada Accepting Applications without IELTS

Universities in Canada Accepting Applications without IELTS

Is it accurate to say that you are anticipating studying abroad in the wake of moving on from school? Most likely you should have your alternatives figured out? Indeed, would you like to study in Canada? At that point you definitely more likely than not given the IELTS tests. You have not and stressed over would I be able to study in Canada without IELTS? Try not to stress as a few of the universities in Canada would in any case acknowledge your application. This article will help you and offer all the responses with respect to how to study in Canada without IELTS

Studying In Canada without IELTS

It is unquestionably obvious that for studying abroad, the IELTS Exam is truly significant for a student. These tests give the students an opportunity to apply to various colleges and universities in Canada. However, on the other hand, there are a few colleges and universities that are giving freedom to study in Canada without IELTS. Indeed, online courses, for instance, are an extraordinary method to study in Canada without IELTS. Need to know the most awesome aspect? You don’t actually need to be in Canada for the online courses.

Barely any colleges will help you with the chance to study in Canada without IELTS.

There are some common ways to study in Canadian colleges without IELTS. If you meet one of the accompanying requirements, you are qualified to apply to Canadian colleges without IELTS:

  • Other English Proficiency Tests like TOEFL
  • The country that you are from is English-speaking
  • If you have studied in an English-medium school for a very long time
  • Go to the Canadian language school for a semester or for a year

The colleges in Canada either give one year of nearby English seminars on the Campus or need you to have done your past education in the English Language.

Canadian Universities accepting without IELTSOptions to IELTS
University of SaskatchewanOne year of Degree Program where education and exams conducted in EnglishTwo Year Diploma Program in Canada before the start of another programThree-year Diploma Program in Canada if the candidate is not from Canada
University of WinnipegEnglish language program to be done at the University of Winnipeg
Concordia UniversityAcademic English program at Concordia University Language Institute for the Graduate business students. (case-by-case basis, not true for everyone)  


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