Indian Students to Study in the USA with Scholarships

Indian Students to Study in the USA with Scholarships

Studying in the US can be moderate if you plan well ahead of time, so you can apply to a scope of scholarships offered by American colleges and universities before cutoff times. Open to exemplary Indian students to help them study in the US, these monetary guides can be halfway or completely paid, contingent upon the standards, course, and organization. Numerous scholarships and bursaries are additionally offered by the American government, and different private and public institutions also.

The amount of cash accessible and the kind of scholarship differs from institution to institution. Certain research study programs may give up to 100% of the educational expense other than covering a piece of your living expenses. You may encounter higher rivalry when you apply for government scholarships in contrast with university-specific scholarships. Along these lines, we propose you start with the system around 8 to 12 months before your favored admission starts to study in the US.

Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships (Government-subsidized)

  • Appropriate for Indian students who are applying to postgraduate or Ph.D. programs; this scholarship covers the educational expense, mishap, and medical coverage according to US rules, airfare, and living expenses
  • You will get a month-to-month allowance to help your course on account of a Ph.D. Nonetheless, for different education levels, the scholarship amount and span may contrast
  • It covers just J-1 visa uphold

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program (Government-financed)

  • This program is a piece of the Fulbright Program and intends to bring a refined youthful and mid-vocation proficient from a non-industrial nation to study in the US for a very long time of non-certificate graduate studies and related reasonable experience
  • Another contribution in this program is Long-Term English (LTE) language preparing – restricted to minority, provincial or non-world class swarm that needs required language abilities yet are extraordinary in their field
  • LTE member is given a serious 20-25-week pre-academic training sessions to improve their language abilities
  • This scholarship program to study in the US covers educational fees, month to month upkeep stipend, everyday costs, airfare, proficient costs like field trips, and so forth

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship (Non-Government scholarship)

  • It’s a scholarship and online media crusade intended to invite Indian students to study in the US higher education system independent of the branch of knowledge
  • You are needed to present an article or video which portrays your drive and interest to advance intercultural trade exercises
  • In this, the partaking university in the US will offer both of you yearly and inexhaustible scholarships that will incorporate a base front of half educational expenses to take a crack at the chose Indian undergrad program
  • Your exposition or mixed media undertaking should feature the initiative abilities that you may wish to apply on the university campus

AAUW International Fellowships (Non-Government scholarship)

  • These partnerships are granted to Indian female students for full-time study and research in the US. It upholds both alumni and post-graduate students authorize in the US institutions
  • The measure of scholarships is:
  • Master’s/first expert degree: $5,000-$18,000
  • Graduate or Postdoctoral: $18,000-$30,000
  • The length is up to five International Fellowships
  • This is for master’s/first expert degrees that will be sustainable for a subsequent year

IEFA (Non-Government scholarship)

  • This is a late spring program supported by Abbey Road Inc. which awards scholarships to a 14-18 matured secondary school student that shows commendable execution in their academics and extracurricular exercises
  • It offers five $1,000 student scholarships every year in explicit regions
  • The honor sum is $500


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