GRE Exam- Types and its Registration

GRE Exam

To study abroad, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or all the more generally alluded to as GRE is one of the biggest appraisal programs for admission to graduate courses around the world. Students wanting to seek after admission to graduate projects abroad are needed to attempt the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). There is no endorsed age breaking point or capability required for a contender to show up for GRE 2020, be that as it may, since GRE is an evaluation test for admission to graduate courses, candidates are relied upon to have effectively finished their graduate program. Candidates should take note that not all projects and colleges expect contenders to have a GRE score for admission to graduate projects. Regardless of whether a competitor needs to show up for his GRE is altogether at the carefulness of the college and the course he is seeking.

GRE Exam- Types and its Registration

Types of GRE Exam

There are fundamentally two types of GRE Exam:

  • GRE General Test

The GRE General Test considers verbal thinking, quantitative capacity, and expository composing aptitudes. Most colleges acknowledge the overall grade and typically a larger part of students settle on this test. It happens all around the year and up-and-comers can pick their date of accepting the test according to their benefit.

  • GRE Subject Test

The GRE Subject Test quantifies the applicant’s accomplishment in a specific branch of knowledge. These tests are led for the accompanying subjects, Biochemistry (Cell and Molecular Biology), Biology, Chemistry, Literature (English), Maths, Physics, and Psychology. The test is directed on a fixed date for everybody like a placement test.

How to Register for GRE Exam?

There are different ways that applicants can enlist for their next GRE Test in India:

  • Online Registration

By means of this technique, GRE enrollment is done online and the applicants are needed to make a record for the equivalent.

  • Mail Registration

Aspirants hoping to show up for GRE are needed to print and complete the Application Form, and send it to the correspondence address alongside the suitable expense.

  • Telephone Registration

Students are needed to contact the Regional Registration Center (RRC), which is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

  • Fax Registration

Applicants are required to print and complete fill the GRE Application Form, and send it to the fax number with a suitable expense.

Colleges accepting GRE test results

It is a typical confusion that most colleges abroad showing MBA just acknowledge GMAT scores. Colleges encouraging MBA in Canada don’t request just GMAT scores, GRE scores are additionally generally acknowledged in Canada. So if you are intending to seek after MBA from Canada, ensure you have shown up for both of the two tests. Look at the rundown of colleges tolerating GRE in Canada. Alongside numerous different nations, the UK additionally acknowledges GRE scores for MBA courses in their colleges. The motivation behind why the quantity of schools tolerating GRE scores is less is that PGD courses take the essential spot in being the mainstream decision. Look at the rundown of colleges tolerating GRE in the UK. Aside from GMAT, numerous American B-schools acknowledge the scores of GRE too for admission to MBA courses. GRE scores are typically required for MS courses, however, the patterns are currently evolving. A great deal of American B-schools is currently tolerating GRE scores. Look at the rundown of colleges tolerating GRE in the USA.


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