Achieve your Study Abroad Dreams with Duolingo


Because of the appearance of the COVID-19, a few tests revolves the world over have closed their ways to students. In any case, this doesn’t imply that those wishing to study abroad are left with no place to go. While trying to give international students all potential methods for help during these tiring occasions, colleges are tolerating Duolingo as enhancements to English Proficiency tests that are needed as a component of the college application measure.


An online-based test is utilized to gauge the English capability of non-local English speakers inside 60 mins. All the student requires is a web association and a contraption. In a versatile test, the trouble of the following inquiry increments with each right answer given by the student. The system additionally offers students the opportunity to show up for mock tests before they show up for their last Duolingo tests.

Test Format

The configuration of the Duolingo test can be separated into three classes. In the initial five minutes, students are given a snappy prologue to the Duolingo test kept by which the fundamental principles and guidelines are disclosed to the test provider. The listening, reading, speaking, and writing modules of the students are tried in the following 45 minutes, which as referenced prior, is embraced on a versatile premise. The most recent 10 minutes involves a video of the appropriate responses gave by the student. In view of the general presentation of the students, they are given a point to write on inside 3-5 minutes.


Utilizing the administrations that Duolingo has to bring to the table removes a few disadvantages that students prior confronted. From being more moderate than the prior tests strategy, Duolingo likewise helps save a lot of time. The time students spent going to test focuses has now checked, bringing about this medium to be more advantageous and quicker while simultaneously being secure. Taking into account that students can take this test from the solace of their homes implies that the uneasiness students confronted with being at a test community have now evaporated. Prior, students additionally confronted issues because of the restricted test-taking limit of focuses which went about as blocks to their excursion to achieve education abroad, notwithstanding, Duolingo has figured out how to remove the entirety of this.

Test Duration

The Duolingo test is separated into a few areas, for example, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, all of which takes roughly an hour to finish.


It roughly costs $49 to show up for the Duolingo test and an additional favorable position is a way that students are not needed to dish out additional cash to send their grade results to the college.


The scores for the Duolingo test goes from 10-160, with a critical number of colleges searching for a score of over 120. In any case, it is ideal to check with the college viable to comprehend the particular score required. To guarantee validness during the test, chronicles are additionally taken to ensure that the realness of the test isn’t addressed.

Post Taking the Tests

Students are advised through messages when their scores are prepared. Students can likewise login to the site to check their scores. It around takes 24-48 hours for the scores to be recorded after the student has given the test.

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