Post-Study Work Permit to Study in France

Post Study Work Permit to Study in France

Regardless of what your explanation be if you are searching for study abroad, you are likewise trying to search for regular work in the wake of finishing your schooling. There are numerous reasons why it holds extraordinary significance. Studying in a similar nation can add valuable experience to your resume, help you locate a perpetual spot in the nation, or even assist you in reimbursing that huge student education loan. In any case, not every person can find a new line of work at the school. Occupations may require significant investment and each nation has various standards with respect to the equivalent for international students. Basically, while the part-time work choices for worldwide students are significant, students likewise need to understand the rules of the Post Study Work Permit and Options.

This article helps you in understanding the principles and rules for Indian students who are studying in or intending to study in France.

Post Study Work Permissions on Student Visa

There are various types of student visas accessible for France and every sort of student visa has the implicit qualification of post-study work consents. Here’s a brief glance at the equivalent.

NamePost-Study Work Permit
Visa de court séjour pour etudesNo
Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudesNo
Visa de long séjour etudesYes

Basically, students who are wanting to take up little and transient courses in France can’t stay in France. Just students who are taking up long haul courses like bachelor’s and master’s and have a Visa de Long Sejour Etudes or Long Stay Study Visa for France get the permission to stay in France after completing their study program.

Residencies Allowed

Students completing their Bachelor StudiesNot allowed
Students Completing their Masters Studies24 months post-study work permit is allowed

A student, after completing their education in France, should according to the movement rules of the nation, leave France. She/he can, in any case, apply for a home grant for France if s/he has paid work. This is material for both bachelors and masters and students would need to apply for a work license.

For master’s students, notwithstanding, there is uplifting news. While four-year or bachelor degree holders can stay on if they have a work permit, the students seeking after Master’s from France get an additional favorable position. On finishing the master’s course, a student can apply for and get a temporary residence permit – APS, for a time of two years.

Understand that the extended residence permit allows a student just to occupy part-time work of as long as 964 hours – as permitted to students previously studying in French Universities. This identifies with about 60% of full business. If a student, in the work permit, can discover a business that is more than 1.5 occasions the lowest pay permitted by law ensure, s/he should then apply for a Work Permit. So when choosing which nation to study in, maintain these points of interest of French open doors as a top priority.

The individuals who hold a ‘visa ability’ home license alongside the ‘EU Blue Card’, can get an EU long haul home grant subsequent to remaining for a continuous remain for a very long time in the EU. Additionally, candidates need to live in France constantly for the last two years.


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