Complete Guide for Indian Students to Study in the USA

Guide for Indian Students to Study in USA

If you are planning to study in the USA, below is the complete guide to help you plan accordingly.


  • To study in the USA in September 2021, you need to start the interaction one year ahead of time. Consequently, preferably by August 2020, you should waitlist 10 colleges that you are planning to apply to. Attempt your research and take a gander at their course necessities, cutoff times, and further details.
  • Then, get your funds all together. Here glance at scholarships to study in the USA, bank loans, and other subsidizing choices that are accessibly available to you. Additionally, take a gander at different insights concerning your college, for example, the accommodation. This is the stage that you need to set your institution.

Showing up for Tests

  • To study in the USA, students are needed to embrace some essential tests. These incorporate any semblance of GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS relying upon the course of utilization.
  • In a perfect world, you ought to be taking the assessments in September. This permits you to have enough time close by in the event that you need to show up for the test once more
  • If you are hoping to show up for the GMAT/GRE make enlistments, a quarter of a year earlier additionally in the event that you are hoping to show up for the IELTS/TOEFL register a month prior to the test date. Take a stab at completing the equivalent constantly end of 2020.


  • From August to October 2020, you should settle on the colleges you are hoping to join.
  • Here you need to begin preparing your application documents, these incorporate your SOP’s, LOR’s, and expositions. Put some energy into the equivalent and ensure these expose how you stand apart from the rest.


  • From Nov’20 to April’21 is the point at which you ought to preferably begin hearing back from colleges.
  • Be instant in your answers and guarantee that you address any worries colleges in the USA may have.
  • Now and again, students are needed to show up for interviews, attributable to the current circumstance close by, these meetings are probably going to be online through the methods for video conferencing.
  • When you achieve your acknowledgment letter from colleges, the time has come to settle on your choice. Consider the cutoff time of a similar when imparting to the college about your choice.

Student Visa and Financials

  • If you are qualified for external scholarships to study in the USA make an application for the equivalent. If a student loan is a medium through which you will finance your education in the USA, whenever you have gotten your acknowledgment letter you can make an application for the equivalent.
  • Start making your application for the USA student visa. Thinking about the current situation, the quantity of openings accessible is additionally restricted. In a perfect world, you ought to be finished with the equivalent from May to July 21.


  • Considering the movement limitations, one can’t anticipate what’s on the horizon. In any case, as of now, India has a movement bubble with the USA and consequently, students can go to their colleges in the USA.
  • Get your funds altogether and apply for a worldwide credit/charge card and guarantee you have every one of your documents.

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