How to Pick the Right Study Abroad Destination?


The opportunities to study abroad are growing at a very faster rate and it is always been a tough job to take a decision regarding the courses, universities, and sometimes about the study abroad destination. Before finalizing, one should research thoroughly all their options as one wrong step and you could land in a pool of problems. It is very important to check all the pros and cons of any country when planning to study abroad.

What program do you want to study abroad?

This is the first and foremost step when you start thinking to study abroad. To choose a particular one should know their interest and which program is beneficial or not. Research deeply about each and every detail about your desired program such as the number of modules, the duration, fees, etc. Also, one must look at the future perspective of the course you choose, the job opportunities after completing the course, and other benefits. One should also check if they have training opportunities available in the preferred study abroad destination.

Check out the study pattern

While researching do not forget to check out the study patterns and make sure it suits you perfectly or not. The study pattern includes the type of teaching they impart in the classrooms, what percentage of practical work is there as there are many international universities that give more weightage to practical work than theoretical education.

Eligibility criteria

While looking for your preferred study abroad destination and the program do check the eligibility criteria and the entry requirements of the desired study programs. It is necessary to understand what you need and then search. You should have no doubts in mind about what program you want to pursue. Do you want to pursue a diploma course or a degree course? Apart, from the eligibility criteria and the entry prerequisites, one should also check the English language proficiency scores required for admission to a particular program. Do you need to provide any of the English Language Proficiency Test? If required then do you also need to submit the results of other tests such as GRE and GMAT?

What is the cost of the program in the desired location?

One should check the cost of the study program they want to pursue in their desired study abroad destination. This is of utmost importance. Apart from, just calculating the study course cost one must also look into the other living expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and other basic utilities. Also, consider the duration of the program as this will give a drastic difference in your study abroad budget. Also, if available do enroll yourself in the scholarship program of different universities. With this, you will get a considerable rebate in terms of cost in your desired course and study abroad destination. Check whether you are allowed to work part-time or not as this will help you manage your daily expenses and will help you gain work experience.

Choose a destination that offers employment opportunities

One should always choose a course which will give them a secure future in terms of employment. Always give more preference to those countries that give you ample work opportunities after the completion of your program.

Check the value of your degree back in your country

For any Indian student who goes to study abroad, it is natural to calculate and keep a track of the living expenses. One should calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) as you spend a lot of money. Also, check whether the destination you chose makes you ready for the job in your home country.


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