Canada Welcomes Back International Students

study in Canada

As of October 20, 2020, Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) with an administration endorsed COVID-19 preparation plan can start inviting back international students who are not at present in Canada. To be qualified to come and get education in Canada, students must:

  • Be learning at a DLI with an affirmed status plan
  • Have a, or have been endorsed for, a legitimate report grant
  • Coming to visit Canada for a non-optional or non-discretionary reason

If a student is selected at a school without an endorsed COVID-19 availability plan, the student can’t venture out to Canada right now.

What Is a COVID-19 Readiness Plan?

A COVID-19 status plan plots how a DLI will:

  • Ensure the wellbeing and security, all things considered, and the society
  • Deal with the compulsory 14-day isolate period for global students, including game plans for transportation to where students will isolate

Give data and backing to worldwide students on:

  • How they can acquire necessities during the isolation period, for example, food, and medicines
  • Medical coverage
  • Living healthy while in Canada

How Do I Know Whether the College/University Has Been Approved?

To see whether a DLI has a legislature affirmed availability plan, you can:

  • Visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Select the school level (Primary or auxiliary or Post-optional school) from the dropdown list
  • Pick the region or region where the DLI is situated to see if the essential or auxiliary school is affirmed to invite global students not right now in Canada

The IRCC will refresh the rundown consistently as more COVID-19 availability plans are endorsed and urge students to return every now and again.


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